Helping You With Your Insurance Claim

Property Restoration Professionals in Hubertus, Wisconsin is known as an industry leader in insurance claims. Here are the steps we take to ensure you get your claim handled professionally:

1. If we feel your roof is qualified for replacement, we will meet your insurance adjuster at your home (no cost to you), participate in the adjuster’s review, and point out damages that we have documented in our initial inspection.

2. We will provide your insurance carrier with a professional diagram of your roof with damages noted.

3. We will work closely with your adjuster to establish the "scope of work" that the insurance company will pay for and we will go to battle with the insurance company on your behalf to negotiate the differences. We have a solid working relationship with all the major insurance companies, which we leverage to ensure that your claim receives the maximum value replacement estimate that you, as a homeowner, are entitled to.

4. Our project supervisor will be on site at all times while work is being performed. Additionally, you will have constant access to your claims adviser through Property Restoration Professionals. We will continue his or her involvement throughout the construction process and make sure that they are available to resolve any issues.

5. Quality clean-up procedures: We will clean the grass or lawn areas, driveways, scour the bushes and landscaping areas to be sure all construction materials have been removed. We respect the value of our homeowner's property and try to do our very best to leave it the way we found it.

6. Upon completion of the entire project, we will provide documents of warranties, lien waivers, and receipts for all payments.